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Personalized designs created specific to your affair is what Carta Society is all about. Our work sees no boundaries from destination weddings to baby showers to private events, etc. Take a look around and contact us to see what we can create together.












After years of answering personal requests for custom designed invitations, Carta Society was born. Originally a creative pairing of two college friends, Ryan & Felicia, brought together thru hours of advertising projects. Again, after years of varying jobs across the board from lowriders to homebuilding to baby boutiques and more. The path led to the starting of a dream.

Currently, a family affair, Carta has grown with the addition of Genette, handbag designer extraordinaire. Today, their inventive thinking delivers buzz-worthy designs for invitations, announcements and stationary. Without further ado...welcome to Carta Society, your paper image consultants.

I've been receiving texts & calls all day! Mariam was blown away!


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